Finding an advisor who understands the issues and challenges you face from first-hand experience, who respects your values  aims to find the best possible outcome is not easy.

RISC’s approach is unique in the industry:

  • As a significant number of RISC people have walked in your shoes during their careers, we understand your world. We work in partnership with our clients, not at arm’s length.
  • Our advice and opinions span the technical/commercial bridge, ensuring that assignments are viewed from both a technical and commercial aspect, enabling clients to have insights into their asset valuation with unprecedented depth and understanding.
  • RISC does not tell clients what they want to hear, but what they need to hear in order to make the right business decision (with confidence). Whilst sometimes this is not easy for all concerned, our total integrity to ensuring the right decision is made and our clients receive the right advice, means we are trusted by our clients.

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