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Independent, comprehensive and impartial advice

RISC provides comprehensive and independent advice to listed companies (ASX, SGX, TSE, LSE and others), banks, financiers, private equity and government agencies. Our experts have years of energy industry insight and our reputation as a world class independent advisor gives stakeholders the confidence to make key business decisions.

We understand the needs and concerns of the client and provide impartial high-quality reliance reports which are comprehensive but clearly communicated, within prescribed deadlines and, where necessary, ready for publication. This includes:

  • Reserves certification
    RISC certifies reserves and resources and carries out independent assessment and audits to SPE-PRMS, SEC, COGE (NI-51-01) and other standards for both conventional and unconventional resources.
  • Competent Person’s Report (CPR)
    RISC is experienced in providing CPRs and Independent Expert services to organisations around the world. Internationally, RISC has completed Competent Person’s / Specialist’s Reports and Independent Valuations for interests in a variety of countries including: The UK, Denmark, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Senegal, Tunisia, Nigeria, Kurdistan, Madagascar, & Myanmar.
  • Independent Technical Specialist Report (ITSR)
    We carry out ITSRs for listing on the ASX, for take-over defence, and for sale purposes
    In addition to the CPR’s indicated above we have also carried out ITSR’s for organisation with assets in Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, & USA.
  • Expert Witness
    RISC’s experience with Expert Witness assignments is considerable. Examples include Expert Witness for domestic gas contract price redeterminations; Expert Witness for gas contract price disputes; Independent valuation of petroleum interests subject to legal dispute; and, support to regulatory authorities.
  • Asset/Portfolio Evaluation
    We provide independent valuations of assets and portfolios for a range of clients and reasons, including exchange listings, defence preparation, acquisition due diligence, capital management, high-grading and asset investment.

Our experts have many years of experience delivering technical arguments to non-technical readers. Our success in “translating” technical issues into understandable reports for banks and financiers is testimony to this.

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