Multi Client Reports

Multi Client Reports

RISC is continually researching, assessing and driving industry thought and practice. One outcome of this is the creation of industry reports and papers produced by RISC and available to download or purchase.

The following are currently available, however, if you require information on a topic or have heard of a report by RISC that is not listed below, please send us an email to request further information.

Australian Eastern States gas market study and unconventional play atlas

RISC has developed a comprehensive Eastern States gas market study which provides a quantitative analysis of the unconventional resource potential of the Australian eastern states and identifies how these resources could contribute towards the Eastern Australia energy supply mix. Fundamental to this analysis is our ‘gas price slider bar’ which allows us to view the resource potential for each play in different gas price scenarios.

The study illustrates the required gas prices to drive unconventional gas development in Eastern Australia, the subsequent scale of new unconventional gas supplies to the forecast gaps in the market and describes how those developments can reverse the trend of rising prices over time.

The market study and unconventional play atlas are both available for purchase. To view the flyer and associated costs please click here, or contact us for more information.

Bedout Sub-basin Capreolus MC3D multi-client seismic interpretation and report

RISC has recently completed a multi-client seismic interpretation and report to accompany TGS’s Capreolus MC3D in the Bedout Sub-basin.  The recent Dorado discovery was drilled on the Capreolus MC3D and the survey is instrumental to understanding the Dorado discovery and its implications for adjacent prospectivity.  The RISC interpretation report provides a fully independent view on the Capreolus MC3D area including interpretation of key horizons, seismic stratigraphic framework and common risk segment mapping of the key identified plays as well as market and infrastructure considerations.

The report is available as an optional purchase when buying the TGS Capreolus MC3D seismic.  For more information please contact our Perth office and ask to speak with Ian Cockerill – RISC’s Head of Geoscience.

RISC_Advisory_WA_Domestic_Gas_Market_Report_2016WA Domestic Gas Market Report

This report is a unique and holistic perspective on the Western Australian Domestic Gas Market. It includes:

•  History and current status of the WA Domestic Gas Market
•  Demand Analysis
•  Supply Analysis
•  And a range of views on future Supply/Demand balance and what that might entail for prices and negotiations.

For more information or to purchase this report, click here.

Multi-Client Hydrocarbon Prospectivity Study

This Study is a joint venture project between ISIS Petroleum Consultants and Searcher Seismic that integrates the geology, basin analysis, hydrocarbon habitat, petroleum systems and play fairway trends to create a comprehensive multi-client prospectivity study. The study will help assess the hydrocarbon potential of the Myanmar region. For more information or to purchase this study, click here.



 Unconventional Gas in Australia

RISC has applied extensive technical and commercial experience to compile an independent business focused assessment of the coal seam gas and emerging shale gas and tight gas industry in Australia.  The report includes:
•  Global context, key differences, critical success factors, resource maturation
•  Australian unconventional gas industry & Key players
•  Prospective basins, existing and emerging plays
•  Costs and economics of gas supply
•  Regulatory and environmental issues

For more information, please contact us.

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