Carbon Emissions: Estimation, Reporting and Reduction

CO₂ emissions: estimation, reporting and reduction

As the focus on emissions and regulation increases, it becomes essential to create a fair and equitable framework. RISC’s role as an independent observer, reviewer and advisor has never been more important.

Our skills allow us to quantify, validate and benchmark greenhouse gas emissions, including carbon dioxide (CO₂), linked to upstream oil and gas production facilities, LNG facilities and other energy hubs.

In our experience of reviewing many projects and portfolios, inconsistencies in emissions assessment and reporting are commonly found across portfolios and sometimes from very similar facilities. We are able to advise on the most appropriate and consistent approaches and methodologies.

We assess emissions in line with Equator Principles, ISO-14064, GHG Protocol standard requirements as well as the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association guidelines, and the American Petroleum Institute’s Compendium of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Methodologies for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry.

The need to reduce emissions is driving new approaches to energy generation, efficiency and use. RISC’s highly skilled team is experienced in assessing the most cost-effective ways of reducing emissions from both current and planned projects.

Martin Wilkes

Martin has over 35 years of experience in the international energy industry. He has advised on over 30% of the world’s LNG capacity and on several multi-billion-dollar transactions. Martin is a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, a chartered Environmentalist and a member of the Association of International Energy Negotiators.


Ian Gladman

Ian is a chartered chemical engineer with over 20 years of experience in the upstream energy industry. Ian has undertaken several energy transition studies, developing potential pathways to net zero.

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