Reserves and Resources

Audit, assessment and evaluation

Understanding the scale and quality of the resources in an asset is fundamental to assessing its value. Reserves and resources reporting is an essential part of understanding the underlying value of resource companies.

Annual reserves and resources reports are a requirement for companies listed publicly (on the ASX, SGX, TSE, LSE and others) and investors rely on the independent audit and evaluation in these reports for confirmation of company value and share price. Reserve and resource estimation is complex, requiring several different professions to combine their skills and experience to determine a likely recoverable range. Our experts have years of experience in regulatory reporting and our reputation as a world class independent advisor gives stakeholders confidence in our assessments and reports.

Reserves and resources certification

RISC certifies reserves and resources and carries out independent assessment of assets to SPE-PRMS, SEC, COGE (NI-51-01) and other standards for both conventional and unconventional resources.

Reserves and resources audits

RISC also carries out audits of operator and in-house reserves and resources assessments to confirm they comply with the relevant standards (SPE-PRMS, SEC, COGE (NI-51-01) etc.).

RISC is also active in helping our clients understand how the techniques and approaches used in the Petroleum Resource Management System (PRMS) can be adopted and modified for use with CCUS (SRMS) and Natural Hydrogen resources.

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