RISC Advisory

RISC is a truly independent advisory firm. We provide impartial advice to a broad range of clients in the oil and gas industry, enabling them to make their business decisions with confidence. We work in partnership with our clients to support their interests in the oil and gas industry, offering a broad and innovative perspective on oil and gas projects around the world.

With a full range of capabilities and many years of practical experience, we are able to provide our clients with independent and insightful views on the range of technical, commercial and strategic requirements and outcomes specific to each assignment. We help our clients understand the uncertainties, risks, issues, opportunities and challenges associated with the oil and gas industry. We offer a bespoke service that supports our clients across the entire oil and gas lifecycle, allowing them to make their decisions with confidence.

Our Locations


Level 2, 1138 Hay Street
West Perth WA 6005
PO Box 275, West Perth WA 6872

Phone: +61 8 9420 6660

Fax: +61 8 9420 6690

Email: admin@riscadvisory.com


Level 10, 239 George Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

Phone: +61 7 3025 3397

Fax: +61 7 3188 5777

Email: admin@riscadvisory.com


4th floor Rex House
10 Regent Street
London UK SW1Y 4PE
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 203 356 2960

Fax: +44 203 356 2701

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Alamanda Tower, 25th floor
Jl. T.B. Simatupang, Kav. 23-24
Jakarta 12430 Indonesia

Phone: +62 21 2965 7987

Fax: +62 21 2965 7888

Email: admin@riscadvisory.com


Suite 503, Shangri La Offices
Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai United Arab Emirates

Phone: +61 8 9420 6660

Email: admin@riscadvisory.com