Adam Craig discusses natural hydrogen exploration at DEVEX 2024

Adam Craig recently delivered a presentation on natural hydrogen at DEVEX 2024 in Aberdeen. The presentation examined the curent state of hydrogen exploration activities around the world, the geological processes in natural hydrogen systems and resource estimation.


Global ambition for hydrogen as a low-carbon energy source is growing quickly as governments position themselves to meet their emissions reduction targets. Despite hydrogen’s potential, there is uncertainty about whether it can compete with existing energy sources and whether low-emissions methods of producing hydrogen can be cost-effective. The desire to reduce emissions, the potential to increase hydrogen’s use and to grow the production of low-emissions hydrogen is driving the ambition for a hydrogen economy.

RISC has provided advice on hydrogen to a range of clients from publicly listed companies to government organisations and regulators. We have advised on hydrogen strategy, policies, fiscal terms, costs and technical challenges. Recently, our work was acknowledged at COP 28 in the United Arab Emirates.

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