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Coiled Tubing Drilling Project Readiness Assessment – Medco Energi


The client asked RISC to conduct a project readiness audit for their upcoming three well offshore pilot Coiled Tubing Drilling campaign. Proof of this technology would allow significant cost effective incremental recovery in fields exhibiting high degrees of heterogeneity.

Our approach

Our phased approach involved a systematic project readiness assessment framework that encompassed a detailed technical review, formal interviews with key staff, and a review of the drilling and project management process in particular the risk and systems management involved in the introduction of a new drilling technology.


RISC’s multidisciplinary focus in particular drilling and reservoir/production engineering, allowed it to identify the greatest risk in the project as production impairment due to formation damage and to recommend specific return permeability test to mitigate this.

We identified areas of focus prior to spudding with specific recommendations. These were organized into four areas for clarity and consistency.

We also identified upside, where we felt the operator was being conservative in terms of the pilot program approach to multilaterals. RISC felt as soon as the first well was able to show reservoir penetration was feasible, subsequent wells in the pilot program should focus on multilaterals to maximise well productivity.

Client’s CTD Superintendent stated “It has been very valuable assessment and great feedback for improvement that important steps for our piloting to ensure everything is properly assessed and addressed.”

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