RISC supports Geoscience Australia with CO₂ storage study

RISC has provided support to Geoscience Australia in their mapping study of potential CO storage in deep aquifers in the West Eromanga Basin, Central Australia. We provided:

  • Peer review of their geological mapping,
  • CO property estimates and correlations (density, viscosity, solubility),
  • CO injectivity estimates and
  • Storage Efficiency Factor estimates incorporating trapped or residual gas saturation, dissolved gas, areal and vertical sweep efficiency.

We thank the Geoscience Australia team for commissioning our input and their support through the assignment.

Tom Bernecker, Director, Energy Resources Advise & Promotion, Geoscience Australia commented: “On behalf of our resource assessment team, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you very much for the excellent, highly professional report that you completed and submitted to us.”

To view some of our most recent reports please see the public reports section of RISC’s website.

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