RISC appointed key advisors to Pilot Energy on Mid West WA blue hydrogen feasibility studies

Pilot Energy’s pivot towards combining renewable energy, CO2 sequestration and hydrogen production is a clear example of Australia’s potential to be a regional leader in the global energy transition.  Pilot has brought together and funded consultants from several professional disciplines to test the feasibility to produce abundant energy that has a place in a decarbonised future.

RISC has been engaged as one of the key consultants to conduct the feasibility studies, which will include:

  • the Mid West Blue Hydrogen and Carbon Capture and Storage (“CCS”) Preliminary Feasibility Study; and
  • the Blue Hydrogen and CO2 Technology Study

Our role is to provide an assessment of the infrastructure and CCS reservoirs (Cliff Head and other reservoirs across Perth Basin) associated with the proposed carbon management services and CCS activities.

The RISC team has a long history with the Cliff Head asset through involvement in the initial development through to a recent Cliff Head oil reserves/resources audit for Triangle Energy (Global)
Limited and Pilot.

Follow the link to the ASX report below to learn more about our role and our involvement in the project.

Pilot Energy ASX Announcement

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