SPE Code of Professional Conduct Overview 2014

The current level of scrutiny of the E&P performance by regulators, NGOs, shareholders and the general public is unprecedented in the history of the industry. All indicators suggest that the scrutiny is more likely to intensify than diminish.

In a highly inter-connected world, frequently characterised by mis-information, scepticism and cynicism, the image and reputation of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) has managed to remain unblemished. In fact SPE today is probably held in higher regard, by both E&P players and non-industry participants, as a truly independent and objective source of information about the upstream petroleum industry than ever before. That status has been achieved because of bipartisan views but particularly because of our exceptionally high standards of professional conduct.

It is therefore essential that we, as professional engineers and members of SPE are vigilant in maintaining the highest standards of professional conduct. It is an unfortunate truism of life that a reputation built over a lifetime career can be ruined by one single action. Exposure to that reputational damage is untenable and therefore the Board of SPE has recently reviewed and updated the SPE Code of Professional Conduct.

Every SPE member should be familiar with the code and conscious of conforming to the code in executing their professional duties.

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