RISC Advisory will be attending and presenting at several of the key industry conferences and exhibitions for 2018 in Australia, South East Asia and Europe. Details of upcoming events and presentations by RISC personnel below:

SPE Applied Technical Workshop: Resource Estimation, Definition, and Production Forecasting
17-18 April 2018 – Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Antony Corrie-Keilig

Principal Advisor Antony Corrie-Keilig chairing the technical sessions and presenting “Reservoir Simulation Forecasting Robustness and Reserves Estimates

This session will examine the various techniques both stochastic and deterministic used in reservoir simulation to generate reserves forecasts. The challenge in using simulation to derive reserves forecasts is to ensure the simulation models have captured the range of uncertainty commensurate with 1P, 2P and 3P definitions and have been built to in accordance with the desired reserves standards. Case histories will examine these challenges in particular the robustness of the methodologies used and importantly how analytical techniques may be used to ground truth the sensitivity of forecasts for the purpose that they will be used for.

Register for the conference and view the programme here.

APPEA Conference and Exhibition
14-17 May 2018 – Adelaide Convention Centre, Australia
Antony Corrie-Keilig

Martin Wilkes presenting “Repositioning Gas as the Natural companion to Renewable Energy

Since the turn of the century gas has been highlighted as the transition fuels to a lower emissions world, and in 2011 the International Energy Agency published a special report entitled “Are we Entering the Golden Age of Gas”, which indicated that gas use could rise by over 50% to provide more than 25% of world energy demand by 2035.
Whilst gas use has risen in tandem with the increase in renewable energy, over the past decade, coal has been the fastest growing fuel as developing countries choose cheap power to provide their growing energy needs. Gas has been, and continues to be, subject to a green, cheap squeeze; squeezed by cleaner renewables on the one hand, and cheaper coal on the other.
This presentation will look at the impact that increasing amounts of renewable energy has on existing power generation and supply systems, and provide insights into the potential range of outcomes in emission levels, and the need to not only discuss renewable energy target, but to also understand the total energy mix, and the need to reposition gas from a transition fuel to the natural long companion of renewables.

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Asia Pacific E&P Conference
27-28 June 2018 – Olympia London, United Kingdom
Antony Corrie-Keilig

Ian Cockerill presenting “Asia-Pacific Unconventional Opportunities at $50 Oil: The differences and challenges between North American proven unconventional systems and recognised unconventional opportunities in Australia and South East Asia”

A resurgence in drilling and asset transaction activity in 2017 led to a significant rebound in investor sentiment in North American unconventional exploration and development. Why haven’t we seen a similar rebound in unconventional exploration sentiment in the Asia-Pacific region? What are the challenges facing unconventional plays in the Asia-Pacific region versus the more established plays in North America? This presentation will address key unconventional petroleum systems of North America and look at how the heterogeneity of the plays develop commercial sweet-spots. Understanding play heterogeneity and the identification of sweet-spots is critically important particularly in challenging price environments. By identifying the common traits in the commercially robust North American systems this presentation will give opinion on where in the Asia-Pacific region unconventional plays might work.

Register for the conference and view the programme here.

Full details for the presentations above and additional upcoming events will be released in the coming months.
If you’d like to organise a meeting with any of our personnel at these events please forward your requests to or head over to the contacts page of our website.

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