Case Studies

Detailed seismic sequence stratigraphic evaluation – Vietnam


RISC was asked to provide a detailed seismic sequence stratigraphic interpretation over several prospects identified by the client in their Vietnamese acreage. The comprehensive seismic sequence stratigraphic analysis defined the clastic and carbonate stratigraphy and the prospectivity potential of the target zones. This was then used to risk and rank the prospects for drilling by the client.


Our highly experienced team of sequence stratigraphers and seismic interpreters developed models for the clastic deltaic sequences which inter-fingered with platform and build up carbonate plays as determined by well data and 3D and 2D seismic interpretation. The work included:

  • Using log, core and biostratigraphic well data to understand the sedimentary environments and identify potential reservoir and sealing couplets
  • Identify prospectivity fairways from an interpretation of seismic sequence stratigraphic relationships and seismic facies
  • Provide local and regional analogues for reservoir parameters: porosity, thickness, saturation
  • Provide models to better predict facies, porosity, and reservoir thicknesses to help mitigate prospect risk
  • Identify key risks for prospectivity assessment.


Our client was able to make decisions with confidence on the relative risks of the identified prospects in the exploration licence. They were then able to present a thoroughly analysed seriatim of prospects for drilling to senior management. The report was also used to attract a farminee.

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