Dr Anthony Gartrell and the onset of Mesozoic rifting in the Northern Carnarvon Basin

Dr Anthony Gartrell of RISC Advisory, in association with the University of Western Australia, will be presenting a paper on Tuesday afternoon at the APPEA Conference in Brisbane entitled “Mesozoic rift onset and its impact on the sequence stratigraphic architecture of the Northern Carnarvon Basin”.

Currently in literature there is no firm consensus for the onset of Mesozoic rifting in the Northern Carnarvon Basin nor has a link been established to the sequence stratigraphic architecture for the basin.  The aim of Anthony’s paper is to combine structural geology with sequence stratigraphic and depositional systems observations to better constrain the timing of Mesozoic rift onset in the Northern Carnarvon Basin.

RISC is pleased to be at the forefront of structural and seismic sequence stratigraphic geology in Australia and has similar expertise in South East Asia. We can help oil companies with basin wide studies to high-grade areas for exploration success.

Source: PGS

Source: PGS

RISC would be pleased to support those companies assessing the Australian 2016 Offshore Acreage Release with targeted studies to define prospectivity and commercial value.

The APPEA Conference runs from Sunday 5 June to Wednesday 8 June 2016 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition centre. Visit

Come and see David Cliff, Head of Geoscience, and Dr Anthony Gartrell, Principal Advisor Geoscience and the rest of the RISC Team at Booth 53.

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