RISC continues to support the energy transition and path to a carbon neutral world

RISC continues to support the energy transition and path to a carbon neutral world with evaluation of carbon capture, utilisation and storage as well as hydrogen storage projects.

Western Australia is ideally positioned to be a real scale lab for this transition, given the climate, available space and large number of potential storage sites. RISC is proud to support the many local projects being evaluated.

RISC has been involved in CCUS for near 15 years. We modelled and evaluated potential carbon injection and storage for a number of major West Australian LNG projects since 2007.

RISC’s recent CCUS and hydrogen experience includes:

  • In 2021, a literature review of hydrogen storage and preliminary evaluation of potential storage sites in Western Australia for the Department of Mines, Industry, Regulation and Safety. A workshop with RISC, DMIRS and 11 local and international experts from CSIRO, Geoscience Australia, Adelaide and Edinburgh University, RAG and UEST in Austria was used to collect current experience, knowledge and thinking.
  • RISC is conducting a CCUS modelling and feasibility study on Cliff Head field in Western Australia for Pilot Energy. This is part of a Mid West Australian blue and subsequently green hydrogen project feeding an industrial development area.
  • RISC has evaluated depleted gas fields in Queensland for carbon storage as part of a project to replace current gas power supplies with hydrogen. This involved modelling of carbon dioxide phase behaviour and storage performance of depleted fields.
  • RISC’s personnel have worked on the CTSCo carbon capture and sequestration project in Queensland for several years. This is one of the most advanced commercial CCS projects in Australia, expected to take FID in 2021, construction and commissioning with initial injection from 2023.
  • RISC presented Growth and Future of CCS in Europe at GEO ExPro in 2018;
  • RISC is sponsoring the Feb-2022 SPE/PESGB Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage conference. RISC are sponsoring the event and our London manager, Gavin Ward is co-chair for the proceedings;

 RISC’s Environmental, Social, Governance or ESG team is led by Managing Director, Martin Wilkes who is both a chartered Chemical Engineer and chartered Environmentalist. RISC regularly evaluate and audit GHG emissions and ESG capability as part of our project reviews.

 Head to our website page to read more about our ESG capabilities and contact us to speak with our team about how we can help.

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