The role of Geoscience in a Low Carbon Future

RISC’s Dean Baker has has an article published in this month’s GeoExpro Magazine. His feature discusses the role of a petroleum geoscientist and geoscience as a discipline as we progress through the energy transition towards a low carbon future. Dean explores three key questions that are at the forefront of conversation for many in the industry; does the oil and gas industry have a future and how does this fit into the energy transition; how is the petroleum geoscientist’s role likely to change; and in what other ways could a geoscientist contribute to the energy transition.

Read Dean’s article on page 48 of the GeoExpro Magazine, available via the image below.

GeoExro Magazine Volume 17, No 5

RISC is well placed to to assist our clients in navigating through the energy transition. Please get in touch and contact us for more information on how we can help.


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